Vulnerability related Doubts in Nginx

Zeal Vora zeal at
Tue Mar 22 12:05:19 UTC 2016


We are running Nginx version 1.8 ( nginx-1.8.1-1.amzn1.ngx.x86_64 ) in our
servers. So in the Vulnerability Assessment, Nessus gave report that it is

*Current version :-*        nginx-1.8.1-1.amzn1.ngx.x86_64

*Fix Version ( According to Nessus ) :-*   nginx-1.8.1-1.26.amzn1

I don't seem to find the " Fix Version " of Nginx which Nessus suggested.

Is there any work around for this ?

Is 1.8 the latest stable version which is available or we can move forward
with higher one ?

Any help will be appreciated!
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