deny in http {}, get 500 response , how to log this?

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Mon Mar 28 07:54:40 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I'm using deny to deny some IPs for my server.

http {
      deny; # this is an example

	server {

		error_page  403 /error/403.htm;
		error_page  404 /error/404.htm;
		error_page  502 /error/502.htm;
		error_page  503 /error/503.htm;

		location = /error/403.htm {
			index 403.htm;
			access_log /var/log/403.log  main;

		location ~* ^/(data|image)/.*.(php|php5)$ {
			deny all;

I found that if access my server, due to this ip is blocked in
http {}, so it will get a 500 response.
And if someone (IP not blocked) try to access my data/*.php, he will get a
403 response.

And all these 500 and 403 response will be put into my 403.log.

Is it possible to put 500 response to a separate log? Then my 403 log will
only log these who is trying to access the protected files.

I understand that if I put "deny IP" in to server {}, it will get a 403
response. But I want to deny some IPs on the whole server level. 


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