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Mon Mar 28 15:36:03 UTC 2016

On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 10:01:28PM -0400, JoakimR wrote:

Hi there,

> The question is how do I get Nginx and php to make a timed encrypted link to
> play a video?

I'm not sure what specifically your question is.

If it is "how do I use the nginx secure-link module?", then the content
at should
be helpful.

If it is "how do I use the nginx secure-link module with mp4 streams?",
then the first hit on a web search for " secure link mp4"
for me is,228161,228183 which seems
to show a working example.

If it is "how do I create the url in php?", then the shell examples on
the first page should give a hint; just implement that in php.

> The php snippet that should be left unaltered if possible, since it will be
> updated from time to time from the developer. So all modifications have to
> made in NginX

That makes it sound like the question is "how do I use the nginx
secure-link module, when the algorithm to create the link can be anything
at all?".

And the answer there is "you don't".

If you want your own secure-link creation system, you write your own
module to match that. If you want to use the nginx secure-link module,
you write you external link-creation tool to match it.

>     location /videos/ {
>     	secure_link $arg_st,$arg_e;
>     	secure_link_md5 secretstring$uri$arg_e;

What request do you make for this test? What values do these variables
have, when nginx receives that request?

> Could some one please try to tell me how to make this happen, but maybe more
> important why, in a passion that mae me understand how and why?

Start small. What is the first specific thing you want to do?

Do you have it working? If not, what do you have, what do you do, what
response do you get, what response do you want?

Repeat, for each other specific thing that you want to do.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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