Nginx as reverse proxy scalability

Artur nginx at
Tue May 10 10:26:59 UTC 2016


I'm currently working on nginx limits as a reverse proxy on a Debian box.
My current setup is a nginx configured as a http/https web server (for
static content) and a reverse proxy for node.js processes on the same
server and in future on other Debian boxes.
I was unable to see (while reading the documentation) real hard
limitations for nginx in this setup excepting ephemeral ports exhaustion.
It may be a concern as Node.js applications usually open a websocket
that is connected as long as a user stays connected to the application.
If I understood everything correctly it means that nginx in this setup
will not be able to manage more than about 64k clients connections.
Am I right ? What can be done if I would like to go over this 64k limit
? Could you please suggest a solution ?


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