Nginx as reverse proxy scalability

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Tue May 10 15:37:55 UTC 2016

Thanks for your answer.

Le 10/05/2016 à 17:04, Maxim Dounin a écrit :
> As long as you are using TCP/IP and have only one backend (ip + 
> port), and only one local address on nginx side, then you are 
> limited by the number of local ports nginx can use.
I currently have nginx running on the same host that my backends.
I have 4 of them listening on different ports on
In this situation may I expect 4 times 65000 simultaneous connections ?
> - add more local addresses on nginx side and use proxy_bind to 
>   balance users between these addresses.
Yes, I've seen this, however I didn't catch how to dynamically assign a
value to proxy_bind from a pool of IP addresses in nginx (not Nginx Plus).


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