timeout with UWSGI?

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Wed May 11 13:54:50 UTC 2016

Hi Alex,

Am 11-05-2016 09:24, schrieb Francis Daly:
> On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 05:09:21PM -0400, Alex Hall wrote:
> Hi there,
>> We may be finding the problem... I'm not sure what you mean by 
>> 'upstream
>> service'.
> Somehow, you tell nginx to talk to "the next server". It can be with
> "proxy_pass" or "fastcgi_pass" or, most likely here, "uwsgi_pass".
> "the next server" is the upstream, in this context.
> And the directive is whichever *_pass you use here.

What Francis could mean could be this.


Some basic concept.


Maybe you should increase some timeouts in uwsgi

   -> search for timeout.

There are some info's in the net ;-)


Can you please add the output of

nginx -V

to your answer and the relevant config.

Hth & Best regards

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