Serving website with Apache, with Nginx as interface?

Francis Daly francis at
Sat May 14 09:19:40 UTC 2016

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 01:24:57PM -0400, Alex Hall wrote:

Hi there,

> It's as though the proxy weren't working properly at all.
> I have it set up in a location:
> upstream apache2Redirect {
>   server;
> }
> location / {
>   proxy_set_header Host $host;
>   proxy_pass http://apache2Redirect;
> }
> My understanding is that the / will match everything, from /index.html to
> /images/small/235.jpg. Is that not the case? Do I need to do something to
> my location block, by chance?

If the "location" you show above is the entire content of your server{}
block, then all requests that get to nginx should be handled in it.

If you have more config that you are not showing, then possibly that
extra config is interfering with what you want to do.

The best chance of someone being able to help, is if you can include
very specific details about what you do, what you see, and what you
expect to see instead.

If you use the "curl" command-line tool instead of a normal browser, you
can make one request and see the full response. If you know what response
you expect, you can compare it to the response that you actually get.

 curl -v http://ngninx-server/OSTicket/

(or whatever url you have set things up at).

Without knowing what you do want to see, I'm pretty sure that you do
not want to see "" or "8080" anywhere in the response.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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