CPU load monitoring / dynamically limit number of connections to server

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Does that really limit per the OP's request? Reading the document, it seems like a monitoring module, but not something that limits nginx. For example, ulimit is just a linux command. Maybe you could set a chron job to sniff the load based on this monitoring and adjust system parameters accordingly. (Beware of positive feedback loops.!

This was my method to set limits on nginx. First, download
I found my server could handle 3000 requests per minute. Note this is running httperf ON the server itself. This does not include the connection to the Internet. But now you know how much abuse the server can take. 

Then I ran httperf over the Internet from a number of different ISPs. The performace was more like 100 requests per second at best. Clearly the pipe I share is the limiting factor. ‎I pulled a somewhat arbitrary 10 users at a time limit, which is actually real life most of the time. I'm not CNN or a porn site. So I set the limit request to 10 per second. Remember every photo, document, etc. takes one request. 

This is barely scientific, but it is better than nothing.

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Found it:


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