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Wed Nov 2 08:34:37 UTC 2016

I don't know how to state this without being insulting, but Kodi is designed to be used by dumb people. That is how I use it. It seems pointless to me to try to hack Kodi into doing something it wasn't meant to do. That is why I called that example an edge case. 

There is a YouTube plugin for Kodi.

‎Load up Kodi and go hack yourself. That is the best way to learn how to block them. 

There is some hacker variant of Kodi called TVMC. It may report as Kodi. User Agent reporting is on the honor system. ;-)

At this point we're kind of getting off topic, though I did find that nginx module interesting.

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gariac Wrote:
> ‎Apparently there is a scheme to feed urls to kodi.
> _video_from_the_shell/
> Block/ban as you see fit. ;-) These people are edge users of Kodi. 
> But you may want to search the interwebs to see if someone is
> attempting to write a kodi plugin for your service. ‎ The vast
> majority of the Kodi plug-ins are third party. 
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Thank's I am curious though what do they use CURL on Kodi plugins to obtain
the link from webpages ? Also curious how they expect that to work when the
link grabbed has been generated for that IP address only. Any other IP that
requests the same link would result in a 403.

I also though YouTube generated MP4 links match the users IP and requested
URI only the same as the secure_link module.

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