504 Bad gateway error when server date/time is changed

Hemanth Kumar hemanthnews at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 04:04:01 UTC 2016

Hi,Following is the environment 
OS: CentOS 7 (64 bit) 
NGINX: 1.10.1PHP/PHP-FPM:  5.6 
Apache 2.4
The Web application is running with HTTPD configured to port 9080 and NGINX on port 80There is an option to set the date, time and timezone from the app.Whenever the date or time is changed on port-80, I get a 504 Bad gateway error but this error is not seen when Apache is used.When the timezone is changed, this 504 error does not come.
NOTE: The entire application is being serviced using message queue and when the time/date setting is bypassed,  I don't see the error. 

Any idea why NGINX is behaving this way? 


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