Are there plans for Nginx supporting HTTP/2 server push?

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Tue Nov 8 15:53:01 UTC 2016


This is a common misconception; "HTTP/2 support" is not the same as "HTTP/2
with server push support". That being said, the version
does not support HTTP/2 with "Server Push" (which most consider the primary
boost in HTTP/2), however it is available in Nginx Plus (paid
subscription). As most useful Nginx Plus features hardly make it to the
community version, I would expect the same, if not some extraordinary
delays with this feature as well considering it's marketing appeal and
profit. You're better off doing like CloudFlare, and investing in some dev
time if you want push support in the community version any time soon. The
ground work is already done :)

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> Hi Mastercan,
> As of now NGINX is supporting HTTP/2 Natively here is how to activate it.
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