Blocking tens of thousands of IP's

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OVH and Hetzner CIDR lists from RIPE are huge because of all the tiny
subnets - however they compress down really well if you merge all the
adjacent networks, you end up with a few dozen entires each. Whatever set
of CIDRs you are putting in a set, always merge them unless you need to
know which specific range in your source list was hit, thats my advice.

My experience is that both OVH and Hetzner take abuse complaints seriously
and if you make the effort to contact them then they will either compel
their customers to respond to you or cut them off if they can't be
contacted. However when you get to the former eastern block countries and
onward that doesn't happen - maybe Google Translate is just really bad at
Indo-European languages, but I suspect its more cultural.

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> Is that 2.2 million CIDRs, or actual addresses?
> I use IPFW with tables for about 20k CIDRs. I don't see any significant
> server load. It seems to me nginx has a big enough task that it makes sense
> to offload the blocking to something that is more tightly integrated to the
> OS.
> At a bare minimum, block OVH and Hetzner. People bash the Russians and old
> Soviet block countries for hacking, but OVH and Hetzner are far worse.
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> >> we do a similar thing but keep a counter within nginx (lua_shared_dict
> FTW)
> >> and export this stuff via /badass - location.
> >>
> >> although its not realtime we have a delay of 5 sec which is enough for
> us
> <snip>
> We are blocking 2.2 million addresses, however, we do it at the
> firewall/router (pfsense pfBlocker).
> Ultra fast.
> Mayak
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