AW: SNI and certs.

steve steve at
Tue Nov 29 00:47:02 UTC 2016

On 11/29/2016 09:55 AM, Lukas Tribus wrote:
>> It seems that search engines are probing https: even for sites that
>> don't offer it
> Which is fine.
>>   just because it's available for others, with the end
>> result that pages are being attributed to the wrong site.
> Sounds like an assumption. Any real life experience and
> evidence backing this?
> Sounds simply enough to drop the HTTPS request if the
> certificate doesn't match the hostname.
> Every standard wget/curl/lynx application drops the TLS session
> by default in this case, I don't see why a crawler wouldn't.
>> Does anyone have a better solution ( nginx of course! )
> If this is a real problem (which I doubt), I guess you could just
> serve a 403 Forbidden from the default hosts.
> Lukas
Not sure why you're doubting me here Lukas. Yes, this is a problem. No 
I'm not making it up.

My understanding is that SSL is sorted before handing over to manage the 
content. As such, an incorrect or missing cert will fail, and a missing 
https server block will be handled by the default one ( or the one 
alphabetically first if not set ).

So, as stated above this is a real problem. Sure in hindsight it's a 
configuration shortfall / cockup, but it didn't occur to me that search 
engines would be attempting to force https.


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