Nginx headers to be set at the time of request processing

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Tue Nov 29 12:58:01 UTC 2016

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 06:56:29PM -0500, CeeGeeDev wrote:

Hi there,

Thanks for expanding on what you are doing.

I confess that I am still not sure what it is; but that's ok -- I don't
need to understand.

> So for the benefit of the community: our plan is to implement a custom
> configuration directive in our http module to allow us to inform ourselves
> about various header overrides made in the nginx configuration file that
> should override various request headers in the actual request data
> structures during request processing in our http module code (in our
> business logic only... will have no effect on downstream request header
> values). There seems to be no built-in alternative for nginx custom http
> module developers (apologies if this question is better suited to the
> development list), at least none that we can find documented anywhere.

  location /test/ {
    proxy_set_header a a;
    fastcgi_param b b;
    my_directive_a c c;
    my_directive_b d d;

For a request that is handled in that location, three of those directives
could send some "extra" information to the upstream, if a suitable
"*_pass" directive were active. No "*_pass" directive is active, so
those three directives are effectively unused for this request.

What do you expect your module to report for a request handled in this

That may make it clearer what you are trying to achieve.

(If it does not, feel free to ignore this mail.)


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