Uneven High Load on the Nginx Server

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Thu Oct 6 07:59:38 UTC 2016

> I reread your initial post and some other things don't seem right to
> me:
> - "We see that out of two server on which load is high i.e around 5"
> but later your write "Server is having 60 CPU Cores with 1.5 TB of
> RAM" - a 5 load on 60 core cpu machine means that server has only ~8%
> load which isn't very high or is it a typo?
Load was mentioned compared to other server , On the Server were Writing is
500-600 load is around 0.5 - 0.8 
While on the problematic Server were Writing is in 3000 load is 5. 

So, totally agree with you that on such a high configuration server this
load is minimal.
So, it might not be load , but large number of Writing which is increasing
the response time and at same time load.

> But you could look at the haproxy status page and see if there aren't
> big differences in currently active connections to backends and/or the
> "slow" backend doesn't have way more (completed) requests - as just

Will look into haproxy config and share the observation.

One more observation is that over the day this Writing remains balance on
all the Server , though Active Connections remains 10k to 11K.
But at Night , on different Set of Server if the connection reaches 6k to 7k
at night , the Writing gets Varied .
Since at night there is high load on the Network as more number of users
trying to access the Video/Songs , so is there any possibility that Network
might be contributing high number of Writing on any one of Server. 
Can there be some issue at Network Side ?

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