Clientbodyinfileonly - POST request is discarded

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Mon Oct 10 16:16:22 UTC 2016

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 03:41:13AM -0400, yurai wrote:

Hi there,

> thank you for response. I just want to transfer big file on Nginx server
> inside POST request. I use method from:
> Whole my analysis and expectations are based on this article. 

I think that at least one of us is confused.

You have "client" - "nginx" - "backend".

That document is about getting a file from "client" to "nginx", and then
telling "backend" what filename is used on "nginx".

If "backend" wants to access the file, that is out of the scope of that
document. ("backend" gets the filename, and should presumably do a
separate "open" on the shared filesystem, or have a separate transfer
to be able to read the file.)

> Unfotunately this "clientbodyinfileonly" functionality is not well
> documented so I'm not sure how exactly ok scenario from Nginx POV should
> look like. I just know that my file is not transfered and not saved on
> server side.

The file should be transferred to the nginx server.

If that happens, the nginx side is doing what it was configured to do.

The functionality is documented at


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