newbie question

Alex Samad alex at
Wed Oct 12 01:43:12 UTC 2016


I am trying to create a dynamic auth address

# grab ssoid
map $cookie_SSOID $ssoid_cookie {
    default "";
    ~SSOID=(?P<ssoid>.+) $ssoid;

   location /imaadmin/ {
        proxy_cache off;
        proxy_pass http://IMAAdmin;

        auth_request /sso/validate?SSOID=$ssoid_cookie&a=imaadmin;

what I am trying to do is fill the variable ssoid_cookie with the
cookie value for SSOID in the request or make it blank

then when somebody tries to access /imaadmin make the auth request

but i get this
GET /sso/validate%3FSSOID=$ssoid_cookie&a=imaadmin HTTP/1.0


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