NGINX not checking OCSP for revoked certificates

Zeal Vora zeal at
Thu Oct 13 09:37:25 UTC 2016


We've implemented basic Certificate Based Authentication for Nginx.

However whenever the certificate is revoked, Nginx still allows the client
( with revoked certificate ) to access the website.

I verified manually with openssl with OCSP URI and OCSP seems to be working
properly. Nginx doesn't seem to be forwarding request to OCSP before
allowing client.

I tried to specify the ssl_crl but as soon as I put it, all the clients
starts to receive 400 Bad Request.

Here is my sample relevant Nginx Config :-

    ### SSL cert files ###

   ssl_client_certificate /test/ca.crt;
   ssl_verify_client   optional;

    ssl_crl /prod-adcs/latest.pem;
    ssl_verify_depth 2;

Is there something that I'm missing here ?

Any help will be appreciated.
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