Slow uploading speed !!

shahzaib mushtaq shahzaib.cb at
Thu Oct 13 17:39:18 UTC 2016


We're facing quite slow uploading speed on FreeBSD-10.X over HTTP (NGINX).
Hardware is quite strong with 4x1Gbps LACP / 65G RAM / 12x3TB SATA .
There's not much load on HDDs so i suspect that maybe tcp tuning has some
problem. Here is my sysctl.conf

Here is /boot/loader.conf :

I'd also like to inform that -tso is disabled on all interfaces. Regarding
upload mechanism :

- client uploads the video with HTTP POST request on a file name
- uploading starts

Is there some NGINX variables which we can tweak for POST request ?
Currently the relevant one looks to be fastcgi_buffers . Here is nginx.conf

Thanks in advance !!

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