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JohnCarne nginx-forum at
Thu Apr 6 01:32:41 UTC 2017

We described it properly when opening ticket, I reformulate :

Usually, 1 nginx worker process consumes 1.16-2% of RAM maximum on this
server, and it remain stable.
For some days after nginx upgrades, every overnight, during daily stat
generation process of cpanel which happens on overnight like set, there is
many nginx reloads due to stat generation (= normal), but this is now
causing an ever increasing memory use of RAM by nginx worker process,
usually it stays around 1-2% RAM, we now see it cumulating after stat
generation process increasing itself at begin with 1-2% RAM each time, which
will lead after some weaks to a saturated server in term of RAM if nginx is
not started. When we saw the issue first time, Nginx was consuming 12% of
server RAM considering we have 128 GB RAM on this shared hosting server.

After recent nginx upgrade :
The increase is around 0.20% daily, instead of 1-2% RAM

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