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Thu Apr 6 19:49:03 UTC 2017

Idea coming right out of the blue: have you given a thought on compiling
nginx (+ gradually modules) with valgrind? ​You should know pretty quickly
if something is wrong.​
​Note the slowdown, though. Might not be a good idea on production, or if
you do not secure some offload to somewhere else if it becomes messy.​
*B. R.*

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 7:20 PM, JohnCarne <nginx-forum at>

> Thanks for your feebacks. I do my best seriously to communicate what I can
> !
> We note this issue on very busy server only, it will be hard to remove all
> modules on such busy server, and reconfig all, but not impossible. Anoop is
> on the case on smallest servers, and succeed to see the issue at small
> scale, he will troubleshoot with sometimes...
> Yes, 1 of the 3rd party module is leaking memory for sure, no doubt about
> this for me.
> ps alx | grep nginx" after restarting nginx
> This gives 1.16% as usual
> + 1 more reload, we get around 2.24%
> + more 100's more reloads, we gradually get to 2.58%
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