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On 4/13/2017 12:54 AM, B.R. via nginx wrote:
> Even though using nginx on Windows goes way over my head (even for 
> development) and/or seing WIndows as any kind of server,
It's very simple - this system was set up many years ago and I was 
uncomfortable at the time with running Linux -- not with the stability 
of Linux at the time and not with my skills administering it.  The next 
server that I will set up for production will be a Linux machine, but 
until then I'm stuck with Windows.

I was using IIS as a web server for many years, until about five years 
ago I "saw the light" and upgraded to nginx.  Having nginx available for 
Windows is a great thing because it serves as a stepping stone and 
allows Windows users to make smaller changes to their systems rather 
than one big change.

> I read that Windows Vista+ support the poll (well, actually WSAPoll 
> <>) 
> system call.
> Since XP may now reasonably be called something of the past, would not 
> it be nice to go for it? No epoll, though.
I agree that XP is out of the picture now, and the servers that I need 
to support are 2008R2 which are built on the Vista code base so this 
system call is supported.

Can you explain briefly how WSAPoll would help here?



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