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On 4/13/2017 8:07 AM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Note: there is no HTTP/2 push support in nginx as of now.  If you
> indeed see the resources being pushed with the "Link" header,
> likely you are using cloudflare and this is something Cloudflare
> does for you.
Thank you for clarifying.  That did puzzle me a bit and I thought that I 
simply misunderstood the Push process.

What I see in Developer Tools is that the resources that I reference in 
the "Link" header are downloaded first, and are downloaded faster.  The 
"Initiator" of those resources shows as "Other", as opposed to most 
other resources who show something like a URI.

> Note well that pushing all of the resources used on the page
> is very likely to do more harm than good, since in many cases
> browsers already have static resources cached.
Understood.  I am only "pushing" (I guess not a real push, but a 
suggestion to the browser via the "Link" header) links to a few 
resources that are required for loading and rendering the page, like the 
stylesheet, javascript, and image sprite.


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