GPG Key ( nginx_signing.key) file does not contain the key to verify the tar file

Kumudini Ponnuthurai nginx-forum at
Wed Apr 19 16:18:07 UTC 2017

Not able to verify the latest source of mainline and stable versions of
NGINX with gpg key ( ). I am using
Gpg4win Kleopatra. I uploaded this nginx_signing.key file, then changed the
owner trust under certificates.  Then verified the source (tar file and the
.asc file) by file -> decrypt/verify. The message was, the key used to sign
the source is not found in the nginx_signing.key file. 

Please let me know, how to I verify nginx source with GPG in windows.

I also tried to do this by checking for the key in key servers. Not able to
find the key that is used to sign the source tar file.

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