Upgrade to Ubuntu16.04 LTS from 14.04 LTS killed my php

Ian Hobson hobson42 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 15:54:06 UTC 2017

Hi Purvez,

I am going through a similar upgrade, here is what I found necessary (so 

1) Swap back from sockets to a normal port. As root, edit 
     # nano /etc/php/7.0/fpm/pool.d/www.conf
Find listen and change to
     listen =
     listen.allowed_clients =

Your nginx configs much match.

2) Check all mysql fields in all user databases - all fields you do not 
explicitly write MUST now have a default. The older MySQL was a lot more 
forgiving - E.g. unset varchar() field became "", but no longer.
All but one of my changes were to varchar() fields.

3) Check all GROUP BY statements. You may have to add a ANY_VALUE() 
round a field if you get a error about not being compatible with the 
ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode (default has changed). MySQL will now reject 
queries for which the select list, HAVING condition, or ORDER BY list 
refer to non-aggregated columns that are neither named in the GROUP BY 
clause nor are functionally dependent on (uniquely determined by) GROUP 
BY columns.

4) secure php7-fpm - edit /etc/php/7.0/fpm/php.ini and find the line
defining cgi.fix_pathinfo. Uncomment the line and set the value =0.

5) You may have to install and enable mcrypt and mbstring (as root)
     # apt install php7.0-mcrypt php7.0-mbstring
     # phpenmod mcrypt
     # phpenmod mbstring

Your mileage will probably vary, but I hope this helps you avoid some 
ditches you might otherwise fall into.


On 22/04/2017 15:14, purvez wrote:
> I had a fully functioning ubuntu 14.04 serving up via nginx a passenger/ror
> site with 'some' php.
> The passenger/ror bit works fine after the upgrade however any attempt at
> accessing my php files gives a 404 Not Found error:
> The error.log for nginx shows the following:
> =================================
> 2017/04/22 11:16:22 [crit] 16531#0: *1 connect() to
> unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock failed (13: Permission denied) while
> connecting to upstream, client:, server:
> resys.gourmindia.com, request: "GET /phpinfo.php HTTP/1.1", upstream:
> "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock:", host:
> "resys.gourmindia.com"
> ==================
> My question is what should the /var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock have as
> permission?
> ALL help gratefully received with thanks.
> Purvez
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