Nginx reload process in detail

shivramg94 nginx-forum at
Thu Apr 27 09:21:06 UTC 2017

We have a persistent connection to Nginx on which we are issuing https
requests. Now when we do a reload, the persistent connections (the requests
which are already accepted) are failing as soon as the reload was issued.
Those connections are being dropped. Is this the expected behavior? 

In the Nginx documentation, it was mentioned that the older worker process
would continue to run untile they have served the accepted inflight requests
and then would go down. But the actual behavior seems to be different as the
persistent connections are being dropped as soon as a configuration reload
was issued.

To add to the above question, while reload was in progress, i am trying to
establish a new connection and its not being established. Can't the new
worker processes which were spawned as a result of configuration reload,
straight away serve the incoming new connections?

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