Serve index.html file if exists try_files + proxy_pass?

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Sun Apr 30 10:44:21 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

I have a small scenario where I have a backend (s3 compatible storage), which by default generates a directory listing overview of the files stored.
I want to be able to serve an "index.html" file if the file exists, else just proxy_pass as normally.

My nginx config for somewhat reason doesn't work – or maybe it's because I misunderstand how try_files actually work.

So I have URLs such as:

When I request these URL's I want nginx to check if index.html exists in the directory (it's an actual file on the filesystem) - if it does, serve this one, else go to @minio location.

For any other file within the directory, I will just go to @minio location so if I request unicorn.png it should go in @minio location as well.

Is there any decent (non-evil) way of doing this?

I assume I have to define the root directive to make try_files work, but what would I actually have to define, to make nginx use try_files for index.html *within* the specific bucket?

Thanks in advance

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