[IE] Re: "sub_filter_once off" not working as advertised?

Jason Whittington Jason.Whittington at equifax.com
Tue Dec 12 17:37:50 UTC 2017

Oh geez - I knew it was going to be something stupid!  Thanks!  :)

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On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 04:34:36PM +0000, Jason Whittington wrote:

> I have a rule like the following where I am trying to replace
> instances of /spf/ with /ec/apps/symmetry/spf/.   I’ve used
> sub_filter to do this sort of thing before and had luck with it.
>         location /ec/apps/symmetry/ {
>             proxy_pass http://stl-biz-d2-hrxsymmetry.devapp.c9.equifax.com:55943/;
>             proxy_redirect / https://$host/ec/apps/symmetry/;
>             #sub filter doesn't work if the upstream server returns compressed or zipped content.
>             proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding identity;
>             sub_filter once off;  # doesn’t seem to have an effect

Given the space between "sub_filter" and "once", it is expected to replace "once" with "off" somewhere in the response.  You probably mean to write

              sub_filter_once off;



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