curl connection refused

Joel Parker at
Mon Dec 18 20:56:13 UTC 2017

Yeah, it was a network issue. tcpdump helped.


> On Dec 18, 2017, at 1:39 PM, Francis Daly <francis at> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 01:31:57PM -0600, Joel Parker wrote:
> Hi there,
>> network connectivity, firewall, etc. are all configured correctly but still
>> having issues when trying to hit the proxy. It's is very strange, since the
>> ports are listening. I even turned off the firewall and the same issues.
> When you say "configured correctly", can you see the incoming traffic
> when you run tcpdump on the nginx server?
> If tcpdump does not see it, then the problem is not on the nginx
> server. If tcpdump does see it, then the problem may be on the nginx
> server (but still, probably not in the nginx application.)
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