504 gateway timeouts

Wade Girard wade.girard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 22:03:04 UTC 2017

I am using nginx on an ubuntu server as a proxy to a tomcat server.

The nginx server is setup for https.

I don't know how to determine what version of nginx I am using, but I
install it on the ubuntu 1.16 server using apt-get.

I have an issue that I have resolved locally on my Mac (using version 1.12
of nginx and Tomcat 7) where requests through the proxy that take more than
60 seconds were failing, they are now working.

What seemed to be the fix was adding the following to the nginx.conf file

proxy_connect_timeout       600;

        proxy_send_timeout          600;

        proxy_read_timeout          600;

        send_timeout                600;

in the location section for my proxy.

However this same change in the ubuntu servers has no effect at all.

The way I am testing this is that I create a request that sleeps the thread
for 5 minutes before retiring a response.

Any help appreciated.


Wade Girard
c: 612.363.0902
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