Nginx only sends hostname to syslog.

Kai Stian Olstad nginx+list at
Tue Feb 7 10:37:26 UTC 2017

On 03.02.2017 13:58, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!
> On Fri, Feb 03, 2017 at 01:17:30PM +0100, Kai Stian Olstad wrote:
>> To get the post data from Kibana I use Nginx as a proxy and have the
>> following log format,
>>    log_format audit '$time_iso8601 "$remote_user" "$request_uri"
>> "$request_body"';
>> and to send the log to syslog I use the following.
>>    access_log syslog:server=,tag=audit audit;
>> But Nginx only sends hostname to syslog server, is it possible to
>> configure Nginx to send fully qualified domain name?
> Much like for the $hostname variable, for syslog logging nginx
> uses whatever is returned by the gethostname() call.  It's up to
> you to configure fully qualified domain name as a hostname of a
> particular server.

Thank you for the answer.

The challenge is that in Debian hostname should only be the name and not 
the FQDN.

When I set the hostname to FQDN, Nginx do log with the FQDN, but this 
break other things that relay on hostname only be name and not FQDN.

If it's not possible to configure this in Nginx I would need to find a 
One way could be to make Nginx log to file and rsyslog read that file.

Is that my only way?

Kai Stian Olstad

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