Cache based on custom header

Peter Booth peter_booth at
Thu Feb 9 00:10:42 UTC 2017

Yes you can. For some subtle custom cache logic I needed to use openresty, which is an nginx bundle that adds a lot of customization points.

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> On Feb 8, 2017, at 5:47 PM, Chad Hansen via nginx <nginx at> wrote:
> I use nginx as a reverse proxy, and upstream clients have a need for my service to cache differently than downstream servers.
> Is there a way to change what header nginx uses to accept cache settings?
> Or a way to re-write cache headers before the cache settings take affect?
> For example, I could have the upstream server set X-CustomCache (intended for my service) and CacheControl (intended for my downstream), then use add-header to set X-Accel-Expires to that value, except the header re-write happens after the request has been cached from Cache-Control.

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