SSL DN variable unicode handling

Alex Addy alex.addy at
Mon Feb 13 15:19:36 UTC 2017

While testing the new $ssl_client_s_dn variable (as of 1.11.6) I discovered
that it doesn't handle unicode characters correctly, Say if I had a user
cert with a DN of 'CN=доверенная третья сторона' after going through nginx
it becomes 'CN=\D0\B4\D0\BE\D0\B2\D0\B5\D1\80\D0\B5\D0\BD\D0\BD\D0\B0\D1\8F
This is not very helpful and unicode support here is the only thing
preventing our project from using nginx. We are currently using httpd as it
handles this case in a more friendly way, but would like to move away from

Is there something I can set to fix this? Is this a bug or is it working as

Thank you for your time,
- Alex Addy -
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