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Wed Feb 22 02:40:23 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have searched the archives in hopes of answering this myself. But no luck.
My html was recently migrated from apache to nginx. It worked fine on

The html uses image maps, such as:
html v1 style: <br><a><img src=index.jpg ISMAP></a>
or newer css style: <img src=index.jpg usemap="#mymap">

Neither seem to work with my nginx-1.10.1 on Fedora (really Amazon Linux).
(I believe this is an entirely different subject than the nginx maps

The image map looks something like this:
<map name="mymap">
rect /cgi-bin/picview.cgi?london01s.jpg 0,0 99,99
rect /cgi-bin/picview.cgi?london02s.jpg 100,0 199,99
rect /cgi-bin/picview.cgi?london03s.jpg 200,0 299,99
rect /cgi-bin/picview.cgi?london04s.jpg 300,0 399,99
rect /cgi-bin/picview.cgi?london05s.jpg 400,0 499,99

Any tips appreciated.
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