Nginx multiple upstream with different protocols

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If you are SSL on the frontend (server directive) why would you want to proxy between ssl/non-ssl on the upstreams? Can they not be the same? I don't get what you are trying to solve?

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i'm trying to setup two Nginx upstreams (one with HTTP and one with HTTPS) and the proxy_pass module should decide which of the upstreams is serving "valid" content.

The config should look like this:

upstream proxy_backend {

        server xxx.xx.188.53;

        server xxx.xx.188.53:443;


server {

        listen 443 ssl;


        location / {

                proxy_pass http://proxy_backend<>;

                #proxy_pass https://proxy_backend<>;



The Problem is that i don't know if the upstream is serving the content via http or https. Is there any possibility to tell nginx to change the protocol from the proxy_pass directive? Because if i set proxy_pass to https, i get an error (502 / 400) if the upstream website is running on http and vice versa.

So i'm searching for a way to let Nginx decide if he should proxy_pass via http or https. Can anybody help me with that configuration?





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