set_real_ip_from,real_ip_header directive in ngx_http_realip_module

Nishikubo Minoru minoru.nishikubo at
Tue Feb 28 00:58:05 UTC 2017

I tried to limit an IPv4 Address with ngx_http_limit_req module and
ngx_realip_module via Akamai would send True-Client-IP headers.

According to the document ngx_http_readip_module(,
we can write set_real_ip_from and real-_ip_header directive in http,
server, location context.

But, in the above case(ngx_http_limit_req module is defined the key in http
context), directives on ngx_http_realip_module must be defined before the
keys(a.k.a replaced IPv4 adress by ngx_http_realip_module) and followed
limit_req_zone directive in http context.

I think it better that the document explained ngx_http_realip_module
directive is configured before ngx_http_limit_req module configuration.

Our environment is Amazon Linux on AWS EC2 package and nginx version was

If you already plan to improve the documentation and you know, please let
me know and I will check it out.

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