Nginx record length during disk IO

nicktgr15 nginx-forum at
Mon Jan 16 12:10:41 UTC 2017

Thanks for the useful information Maxim! 

We ended up using strace to monitor the system calls and it looks like that
with our current setup (i.e. default buffer size) the record length is 65536

read(17, "\355\247=^\256\36\361\235~\356z"..., 65536) = 65536
write(18, "\355\247=^\256\36\361\235~\356z"..., 65536) = 65536

At the moment we are setting use_temp_path=on using tmpfs as our temporary
location which triggers a failed rename system call and then the above
read/write calls happen.

"/dev/shm/cache/a/f8/0c725bfea12c2f361c37") = -1 EXDEV (Invalid cross-device

Do you think that having use_temp_path=on in combination with tmpfs has any
advantages or we should set use_temp_path=off as suggested in the docs?


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