Can Nginx route SMTP based on login credentials?

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Wed Jan 25 19:03:38 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 11:13:16AM -0500, spockdude wrote:
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Hi there,

> > Can Nginx do this or does it always just
> > spread that traffic between all backend servers?

(There are no backend servers configured in nginx, for mail.)

> It says "If authentication is successful, the authentication server will
> choose an upstream server and redirect the request."
> If I'm understanding this correctly, I just need to create an authentication
> server that instructs Nginx which upstream server to send the request to
> based on the user's credentials.


auth_http is documented at, which also
shows the authentication protocol.

nginx does not care how the authentication is done, or how the ip:port
to next connect to is chosen; it just connects to what it is told to by
the response of the auth_http request that it makes.


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