nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (13: Permission denied)

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Tue Jul 11 01:20:14 UTC 2017

Hi there. 

Looking to get port 80 serving.  Changed to root, but the error keeps the user from running:

nginx: [warn] the "user" directive makes sense only if the master process runs with super-user privileges, ignored in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:2
nginx: the configuration file /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (13: Permission denied)
nginx: configuration file /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

Is there any way to get nginx working as root?  Is this a bad idea?  I just don’t like running as port 8080.  It complicates things down the road as I want to implement SSL (port 443) later on.  Port numbers also get into my code later on.  

Any advice appreciated how I can get this on normal ports 80 and 443.  

Rich in Toronto @ VP

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