Buffering issues with nginx

Dan34 nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Tue Jul 18 01:47:39 UTC 2017

Hi Francis,

> Are you concerned about the request or the response being buffered?

my problem is that response that my node app (upstream server) generates is
buffered by nginx.
My actual goal is to know speed and amount of data that my node app sent to
a client. So, when I sent 20MB binary blob from node I can wait till data is
sent out and I'll know approximate speed and size. The moment I put my node
app behind an nginx proxy things fall apart: suddenly all transfers are
instant, and I cannot even know if entire 20MB of data was delivered or if
the connection failed in the middle. When I updated some of these buffering
configs things improved, but still were failing with smaller uploads that
are still fully buffered by nginx.

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