Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

Philip Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Thu Jul 20 03:44:10 UTC 2017


I have moved my (very low hit) web sites from a Digital Ocean server to 
my own Fedora 25 x86-64 server with 8GB RAM and an ADSL2+ upload speed 
of only about 1Mbit/sec.

The plain HTML and Jekyll sites response times are not too bad but the 
Rails sites are very slow.



takes more than a minute to test one of my Rails sites:


so it appears that I need to do something for all the Rails sites at 
least but ALL sites report a value of 50 or less for the condition in 
the Subject of this mail - I tried putting:

   gzip on;
   gzip_min_length  1100;
   gzip_buffers  4 32k;
   gzip_types    text/plain application/x-javascript text/xml text/css;
   gzip_vary on;

in the nginx server conf for cryonics.org.au and restarted nginx but it 
did not make any difference.

Suggestions about how to improve the situation?


Philip Rhoades

PO Box 896
Cowra  NSW  2794
E-mail:  phil at pricom.com.au

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