Problem with uWSGI and PATH_INFO

Etienne Robillard tkadm30 at
Thu Jul 27 21:40:54 UTC 2017

Hi Roberto,

Le 2017-07-27 à 13:45, Roberto De Ioris a écrit :
> by using something like this (in the config, tune the regexps as required):
> [uwsgi]
> route = ^/(.+?)/(.+)$ setscriptname:/$1
> route = ^/(.+?)/(.+)$ setpathinfo:/$2
I use a dynamic regex URL resolver to resolve a request URI to a 
callback function. Also I prefer avoiding to modify uWSGI internal 
routing system for my basic use-case. I have no choice to fallback on 
using fastcgi until this is fixed either in nginx or uWSGI.


Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at

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