Regarding URL Encode/Decode of the Parameter

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Fri Jul 28 03:44:29 UTC 2017

Hello, I have a following problem with Nginx. Here is the scenario.

There is a client app that sends request to Nginx Proxy with following
parameter. The parameter is already url encoded.
GET /X/Y/Z.aspx?id=abc%3D%3D

Now, I noticed that Nginx applies url encode to % and make it as %25 when it
redirect the message. The parameter now become below.
GET /X/Y/Z.aspx?id=abc%253D%253D

I want Nginx to redirect the parameter as is. Below is the one that I want
Nginx to redirect.
GET /X/Y/Z.aspx?id=abc%3D%3D

Could you please, help me out to do what I want?

Any suggestions are very much welcome!

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