Buffering issues with nginx

Dan34 nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Sun Jul 30 02:16:36 UTC 2017

It looks like for localhost buffers are bigger, but even if it's not local
host I do get 5MB stuck in socket buffers. I was only able to get perfect
results by writing my own proxy in c and doing some obscure nodejs code to
avoid buffering.

In any case, if nginx does not provide a way to control sockets buffer I
cannot use it. For example, 'X-Accel-Buffering: no' supposedly disables
caching (I didn't see any effect of that anyways), so I wanted to add some
kind of headers to be able to tell nginx what buffers to set per connection.
In my case I do regular reverse proxy stuff with nginx, but on certain
connections I need exact control and nginx doesn't provide any of that.
haproxy for example worked much better for me, but it's sndbuf/rcvbuf
settings are global, which is equally unacceptable.

Would that be easy to add headers like these X-Accel-Up-Rcvbuf: 12345,
X-Accel-Down-Sndbuf: 4567 so that on getting them from upstream nginx would
configure sockets that are used by that connection?

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