Identifying "Writing" connections in status stub

Vlad K. nginx-ml at
Mon Jul 31 07:59:49 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-30 20:03, Peter Booth wrote:
> During a busier part of the day,  what is your minimum, median,99%,
> max requests per sec?

Image's worth a thousand words :)

The peaks between days are API clients syncing data, they usually do it 
in the night (clients are all in teh same timezone).

> I’m pretty confident that this is a bug, because of the shape of the
> graph. There's no obvious healthy explanation for the
> number of writing connections to increase over days and return to its
> current value after a restart.

I've restarted nginx yesterday, and until now, the Writing has stayed 
down at 1-3 for the same level of traffic as usual. I suppose that's not 
bots then...

Vlad K.

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