Is post_action deprecated?

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Wed Jun 14 21:52:09 UTC 2017

Hi All, 

To start with, here's some context. From what i've read around, the
post_action directive is to be used with caution. I was able to find this
information following the link from this post:,262008,262012#msg-262012 

I also found documentation on the directive in this book: ISBN:
9781785280337. Although it's no where to be found in the official
documentation, the directive is supported and is working well for what I
need to do. 

I need to use this directive to send some bandwidth information to my
backend after a file download. 

1- I'm wondering, is this directive officially deprecated and if, so is
there something in the pipeline to replace it? 
2- Looking at the nginx tracker (, I only found 1
issue (#1237) still opened that actually relate to post_action. Did I miss
3- What alternative do I have to post_action if basically, all I want to do
is perform an additional action in the backend following a file download. 


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