Invalid HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH request header

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Thu Jun 15 23:02:21 UTC 2017

On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 06:29:44PM -0400, Etienne Robillard wrote:
> Le 2017-06-15 à 18:09, Francis Daly a écrit :

Hi there,

> >What request do you make?
> GET http://localhost/


> >Which location{} is used to handle that request?
> location /

Ok. What file-on-the-filesystem is the file you want your fastcgi server
to process for this request? I don't see a "fastcgi_index" directive;
maybe that does not matter in your system.

> >You appear to do something with HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH in "location /"
> >but not in "location /wiki".
> The /wiki location is handled by a separate fastcgi script.


> >>1. Any suggestions why the value of HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH is not
> >>defined in nginx ?
> >Why, specifically, do you think that it is not defined?
> Firefox omits to add this request header

There's your answer, then. If the client does not include a header in
the http request to nginx, nginx will not include the matching param
in the fastcgi request to the fastcgi server.

> because I suspect the ETag
> header was missing from the initial request.

If that is the reason, then that's the thing to fix. I'm not exactly
sure what you mean by "the initial request"; but if the client does not
send something to nginx, nginx cannot do much with it.

> >>2. Why is the python script working with wsgiref but not in nginx ?
> >nginx doesn't "do" python. It does (in this case) fastcgi. Perhaps that
> >is relevant to the question?
> I always thought that a python script running under wsgiref is
> expected to work in fastcgi
> as-is, without the need to modify nginx configuration.

Maybe it does. wsgi and fastcgi are different words. I wouldn't assume
that they are interchangeable, without testing.

If you can identify exactly what is happening, and what should be
happening, then you have a chance to identify which specific part
is failing.

>From what you have written so far, the problem is with the client not
making the request that you want.

Note that the nginx config lines that start with "fastcgi_param HTTP_"
should not be necessary. I would not be surprised if having them present
breaks things, but I have not tested for that.


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