How to use Nginx to get HTTPS POST from cloud vendor

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Sun Jun 18 10:31:29 UTC 2017


I am looking detail document to learn how use Nginx to receive HTTPS POST data from below data format. I already searched documents from google but all of documents did not explain in detail for learning. Please advise. Thank you.


   "type":<event type>,
   "data":<event-specific data>

HTTPS special data format

  "apMac": <string>,
  "apTags": [<string, ...],
  "apFloors": [<string>, ...],
  "observations": [
      "clientMac": <string>,
      "ipv4": <string>,
      "ipv6": <string>,
      "seenTime": <string>,
      "seenEpoch": <integer>,
      "ssid": <string>,
      "rssi": <integer>,
      "manufacturer": <string>,
      "os": <string>,
      "location": {
        "lat": <decimal>,
        "lng": <decimal>,
        "unc": <decimal>,
        "x": [<decimal>, ...],
        "y": [<decimal>, ...]

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