rewrite with regex to use proxy_pass

Alexandre infos at
Fri Jun 30 06:18:50 UTC 2017


I have a question, I wish I could parser a url and retrieve fields to
inject them to another server.

However, I can not. Here is my test:

URL :[box]&apvr=[5.0]&idclient=&na=&ref=

location ~ ^/folder1/folder2/ {

        ^/folder1/folder2/hit.php?s=11111&s2=&p=(.*)::(.*)&x2=[box]&apvr=[5.0]&idclient=&na=&ref= /index.php?arg1=$1&arg2=$2

       proxy_pass http://myinternalsrv.localdom;

In my test, I want to retrieve the pattern "home" and "index" but it
does not work. Would you have an idea?

Thank you very much for your information.


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