Balancing NGINX reverse proxy

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Fri Mar 3 08:33:18 UTC 2017

I might not have been clear, allow me to try again:

* currently 2 NGINX revproxy nodes, 1 active the other on standby in case
node 1 fails. 
* Since I am injecting an authentication header into the request, the HTTPS
request has to be offloaded at the node and introduces additional load
compared to injecting into non-encrypted requests. 
* Current peak load ~60 concurrent requests, ~100% load on CPU. Concurrent
requests expected to more than double, so revproxy will be bottleneck. 

The NGINX revproxies run as a VM and I can ramp up the machine specs a
little bit, but I do not expect this to completely solve the issue here.
Therefore I am looking for some method of spreading the requests over
multiple backend revproxies, without the load balancer frontend having to
deal with SSL offloading.

>From the KEMP LoadMaster documentation I found that this technique is called
SSL Passthrough. I am currently looking if that is also supported by NGINX.

What do you think? Will this solve my issue? Am I on the wrong track?

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